Hello and welcome to my Blog, my special place in the Cloud!

I like to write and that is what most bloggers like to do… which is why they blog!
They also have some purpose and aim -something to market, something to share. 

I belong to the second category as I just want to share stuff that I do, that I like to do, that I have done and so on and so forth.

My passion for creating awareness for Cancer is by far the most important. I have a website dedicated to this, https://www.bseforlife.com. Here I talk about my personal journey.

My second passion is my Art. Again, I have a website in progress for this. Here I talk about my journey so fa.

My Spirituality blog is right now about the Prophets of Islam. Though I say Prophets of Islam, they are in fact common to Judaism, Christianity and Islam except for the last, Prophet Mohammed. My interest was perked while reading about them in the Holy Quran. Wanting to know more needed a bit of research. So I decided to put it together and share with others. It is a work in progress.

My Travel Blog is my latest passion. Inspired by the beauty of Kashmir which I visited after 20 years, and one year of lockdown in the pandemic, I began writing. Am enjoying it so much that now I want to continue blogging regularly!

Just musings is my random blog collection. Whatever comes to mind when it does, I like to put it down. So I guess I will be posting much more here!

Thanks for reading! Do let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear from you!